Cognitive and Educational Assessments

Tamar has been employed at a private school as a school psychologist for 18 years, and is an expert in conducting cognitive (intelligence) and educational assessments of children, adolescents and adults. Cognitive assessments take about two hours and educational assessments take about two hours (i.e. four hours in total). Sometimes questionnaires are also used, which are completed by parents, teachers, and depending on their age, children and adolescents. The assessment package includes a feedback session as well as a report which can be provided to your child’s school, and medical or allied health professionals working with your child (such as paediatricians, speech pathologists, audiologists, and occupational therapists). Please contact Tamar to discuss your or your child’s assessment requirements.

Medicare rebates are not available for cognitive and educational assessments, except for assessments of Autism Spectrum Disorders with an appropriate referral. For all other assessments please contact your private health insurance fund to enquire whether you are eligible for a rebate.