What happens in the first session?

The first session involves discussion about what issues have brought you, or your child/adolescent to seek assistance from Tamar. This also includes discussion about your, or your child’s/adolescent’s coping strategies, and whether you have sought assistance from any other health professionals for this issue. If you or your child have had a previous psychological assessment and you have a report, please bring a copy with you. This first session is a very important step that needs to occur before strategies can be recommended.

Where your child/adolescent is the client

Tamar recommends that a parent comes into the consulting room for the first appointment. This is so that everyone is clear about what the child/adolescent requires assistance for, and so Tamar can obtain a thorough history and background to the problem and obtain both the parent and child’s perspective. Sometimes the child/adolescent asks their parent to leave the room after the background information is discussed, others are happy for their parent to remain in the room for the entire session. It can be best to wait until the appointment and see how the young person is feeling during the first session. Tamar prefers to let the child/adolescent decide who is in the room for additional sessions; it is dependant on the child’s/adolescent’s wishes and what they feel most comfortable with; Tamar does not have set rules about this, because every child/adolescent is an individual.

If the parent does not attend the subsequent sessions, Tamar’s approach is to provide feedback to parents towards the end of the session with the child/adolescent present about what skills have been taught in the session, and recommend strategies for parents and the child/adolescent to use at home. In this way the parents are aware of what is being worked towards. Tamar likes to work with parents as a team to support the child/adolescent, and where appropriate, to give parents training in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, so that there is greater likelihood of consistency between Tamar’s and the parents’ approaches. This helps the child/adolescent to make progress, and assists parents to reinforce what Tamar is teaching in the sessions. The more the skills are practiced, the better (and often the quicker) the outcome is likely to be. Using this approach, rather than introducing a set of skills that can be only be applied to the particular issue of concern, Tamar aims to teach her clients important life skills that they can apply to a wide range of issues, and be able to draw upon in the future.


Tamar is available by appointment on Fridays and Saturdays.

Sessions last for 50 minutes.

Medicare and Private Health Insurance Rebates

The fee is $175 per session (50 minutes duration). Medicare rebates apply for clients who have a Mental Health Care Plan from a General Practitioner, for a maximum of ten sessions per year. The Medicare rebate is $84.80.

Alternatively, you may be able to claim for psychology through your private health insurance fund. Please contact your private health insurance fund to enquire whether you are eligible for rebates for psychology.

Cognitive and Educational Assessments

Tamar has been employed at a private school as a school psychologist for 18 years, and is an expert in conducting cognitive (intelligence) and educational assessments. Cognitive assessments take about two hours and educational assessments take about two hours (i.e. four hours in total). Sometimes questionnaires are also used, which are completed by parents, your child’s teachers, and depending on their age, your child. The assessment package includes a feedback session as well as a report which can be provided to your child’s school, and medical or allied health professionals working with your child (such as pediatricians, speech pathologists, audiologists, and occupational therapists). Please contact Tamar to discuss your child’s assessment requirements.

Medicare rebates are not available for assessments, except for assessments of Autism Spectrum Disorders with an appropriate referral. For all other assessments please contact your private health insurance fund to enquire whether you are eligible for a rebate.

Fee Schedule

Service                                                                       Cost

Consultation Services

Initial consultation (50 minutes)                                                   $175
Subsequent consultation (50 minutes)                                        $175


Cognitive assessment (WPPSI, WISC or WAIS)
Including report and feedback session                                        $850

Educational assessment
(WIAT and may also include questionnaires)
Including report and feedback session                                        $850

Full cognitive and educational assessment
(WPPSI, WISC or WAIS, WIAT and may also include questionnaires)
Including report and feedback session                                      $1700

Supervision for Psychologists & Probationary Psychologists

Supervision (50 Minutes)                                                              $175
Group supervision, maximum 4 people (50 Minutes)                   $175
Travel time per 15 min                                                                  $50